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The Naaza Wellness Mission

Naaza Wellness is a platform where people can meet highly qualified health care providers and healers in many fields who focus on helping people to improve health and keep being well. Those experts help people keep being healthy during their life journey and lower risks to get medical conditions. Of course, the providers not only keep our body healthy but also cure many medical conditions too for those who have any.


Our healthy status should rely on ourselves, not medications and/or surgeries. We reduce and release the negative from our physical body and mentally. The providers on Naaza platform can help us to rebirth to a clean body and pure mind.

The History of Nezha

Ne Zha is a teenage protection deity in Chinese folk religion. He was born with super power with justice. When he was a kid, he was brave, happy, playful and friendly, and always helped those who really needed help. At one time, he accidently killed the youngest son of the East Sea Dragon King. The Dragon King was enraged and would revenge by killing his family and innocent people for his loss. Knowing that he had to be punished for the big mistake, he didn’t run away.  To protect his family and the people and not to have them involved for this punishment, he chose to stop the Dragon King’s revent by suicide. The peace was gained. 


Ne Zha had a daoist master who learned what happened. He made Ne Zha reincarnated in a lotus body. After his rebirth, Ne Zha’s body is pure and filled with Qi. He has become immortal and always a teenage body. He has made a protection deity. He has justice and kills evals who harm the universe.

What Sets Us Apart

The key word of choosing Ne Zha is “rebirth."


As humans, we have years of life more or less. From our experience, our body absorbs nutrients from what we drink and eat for the physical body and takes information from what we hear and see for mental growth. However, nothing is purely good for our body.


Physically, our body collects garbage, toxins and waste that can’t be released from digestion. They gradually become harmful to the body and cause various medical conditions. Most people die from them.


Mentally, our brain collects negative information cumulatively over time that commonly causes mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, psychotic disorders…


Accumulation is the key because it takes time from being healthy to having medical issues. It is a phase of journey. Unfortunately we don’t pay enough attention to it.

Clean Body. Pure Mind.

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